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I am becoming less and less impressed with this 'The Menza Pussle Calendar'. The only questions I haven't had any issues with are the 'how many words can you make from these letters' type and that may be only because I don't DO those...

Case in point, today's:

"Pat has four more brothers than she has sisters. Her brother Jim has two more brothers than he has sisters. How many siblings in all? (hint: There are fewer than 10)."

I come up with one girl and four boys. No sisters + 4 equals 4 brothers for Pat. One sister (Pat) plus 2 equals 3 brothers for Jim. 3 brothers plus Jim equals the four brothers of Pat, right?

The answer says 6 boys and 3 girls.

Me thinks they left out an important part of this question.

Rather like one of the first which I can only paraphrase having already thrown it away:

"Jill walks north for an hour at 2 miles per hour. She then slows down to 1 mile per hour. She turns around and returns at 1 mile per hour. What was her average speed?"

hello? HOW LONG DID SHE WALK AT 1 MILE PER HOUR BEFORE SHE TURNED AROUND? If it said 'walked north at 2 miles per hour, then turned around and returned at 1 mile per hour', that would make sense, but NOOOOO, that's not what it said. And the answer was something like 1.4 miles per hour..... not 1.33333....

Definitely not happy with this.
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