Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I have started something that has long intimidated me.

I can follow directions with well created patterns with no trouble. But most of the old patterns i have found for corsets are complicated and have almost NO directions to them. But I have started on this one.

Using a ruler and the pattern pieces I thought it would be about 23 inches around at the waist. Well, it's bigger around than I thought (not terribly surprising) so I shaped my 30 inch waist down to 27.5 inches with just 1 inch gap (I was expecting more like 3 or 4). I really like the hip shaping.

BUT, it's either a very loose (and tall) underbust or a VERY short overbust. Either way, the top doesn't fit. I can make it an underbust with little trouble, but I wanted an over bust.

It closed at the top and bottom a whole heck of a lot easier than I expected. I think I may need to make the gussets a touch narrower. I am planning to cut a new one with about 1 inch more at the front top and with about 1 inch taken out of wide ends the gussets. Not sure how I plan to distribute that one inch yet.

Behind the cut are the pictures. I have a minimum of bones, and it shows in the back. I really should have put one on the side seam, at least. The pattern calls for the back to be nearly fully boned and that would help.

Side View

Side View



Front View



Back View


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