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This is very peculiar.

I have no real idea if this was real, or a strangely vivid dream.

I woke to the sound of leaves being rustled. Now, there is a thick bed of dry leaves in the window well of my bedrooms west window. It started out loud and then diminished to a rhythm rather like a cat kneading it's bedding (or you leg, depending).

I put my glasses on and slowly pulled the blinds back from the window and saw an up standing ear like a cat's. I tapped on the glass to startle the thing away (the noise would definitely keep me awake) and the thing the jumped out had to have been a dog. It wasn't a fox, or a coyote or a cat. It had a dog's head, was long and lean and had a very long, thin tail with a tuft at the end. I got the impression in the little glimpse I caught, that the fur was short, but curly, like a poodles. Or very mangy. Or both. It just looked so weird I can't help but wonder if it was a dream.

The rustling came back a little later, but was quieter (more of the leaves broken down this time?) but for some reason I didn't get up, and managed to get to sleep.

Like I said, I would swear it was a dream, it was so odd, but I am pretty sure I was actually awake. The clock said it was about 2:30 and I think that is when I made a trip to the bathroom. Trips to the bathroom in my dreams tend to be very, VERY odd and unsatisfying (thank goodness!!!) and continue until I actually wake up and go, so I am pretty sure that was real.

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