Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Update 13Feb05 Grey Coutil 1869 short corset

Cross posted to corsetmakers
Last post on the subject is here
I learned two three things:
a) Don't forget to close the boning casings before photographing
b) While cutting the back edges off of a previous mockup makes the lacing very quick, it really ought to be the same length to work right.
c) Either gussets done this way are inherently weak, or I don't know what I am doing.

Oh, yeah, and I need to remember to ask the photographer to kneel down so the corset isn't foreshortened.

I am thinking it is still too short, for all that I added 3 inches. And I am not sure about the bulge just above the waist you can see best from the back. It might be the way it's cut, it might be the way the laces are slumping or it might just be that my ribs are making room for themselves.

I think I will take the front most hip gusset out. it's not very big, compared to the wedge it's replacing and there's just a little too much room in the hips (lack of lacing all the way down not withstanding)

Ver 2 back
Version 2 front
Ver 2 side

Also, I have completed the Laughing Moon Silverado corset (size 10) and it's too small. Teach me to not do a mock up, eh?

Butterfly complete front

Butterfly complete back

Very pretty tho. The bust gussets start too low and hit too low and I overflow chronically even with a shirt underneath (which is why it's on a pillow...) When laced as far as I am comfortable with (starts to hurt my lower, front ribs) I have a 5.5 inch spring.

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