Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Ten things I have done you likely haven't. Let me know if you have.

1. Fed wild dolphins in Australia. They kept bumping my mother, who was holding my youngest brother. She was conviced they wanted her to drop him for their own nefarious purposes.

2. Stood on a beach made entirely (like yards and yards deep) of thumbnail-and-smaller sized shells

3 "Sailed" up the coast of Australia on a three master with so little wind we had to motor for the whole week our crew were on board.

4. Petted stingrays.

5. Been to aquariums on the coasts of the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans.

6. Stood neck deep in the Puget Sound, letting the bow wave of the ship my father was on lift me off my feet. It didn't seem all the cold at the time....but then, the ship was coming home, not leaving.

7. In a group of students exploring a large gorge in the Hammersly ranges (Australia again) I was the only girl in the group to stick it out with the boys to the very end.

8. Helped a woman handle her racehorses both on the track and off.

9. Woke from a faint caused by a rope burn absolutely convinced I was on Mars. But, hey, I hit my head on the way down.

10. At the age of about 3 I would beat up 5 year olds because their daddys came home and mine didn't (he was on a cruise). One morning, my mother tells me, I walking into the kichen chipper as a cricket and said 'My daddy came home last night and he talk to me.". I could not be disuaded from this and was just sure he had told me all about why he couldn't come home. I was never upset about him being gone again (THAT I can attest to). Not long after my mother got a letter from Dad saying that one night he was so homesick he pretended to have a conversation with me, explaining why he couldn't come home.....


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