Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Most memorable event of this weekend.

Some background: My maternal grandmother still lives in the farmhouse my mother grew up in. My grandfather farmed the land until the last year of his life (at 86 he was forced to admit he simply couldn't see well enough - but he had to knock down a telephone pole in the middle of one of the fields several years in a row first. We are all pretty sure it was the lack of work that killed him.) Anyway, the fields rented to one local farmer and the pastures to another who happens to have the adjoining pastures. There are usually cattle in those pastures, but the ice storm caused enough damage to the fences that there weren't any cattle there this weekend. However, Alan's horse happily uses a new gap to get from Alan's pasture to Grandma's. Also, my Uncle Mike comes over when the weather permits to do a little more ice-storm-broken-limbs clean up.

Seems that the last time Uncle Mike was there, the horse got loose in the farm yard and really enjoyed herself - running around and kicking up her heels and refusing to go back in the pasture. Alan had to be called to come claim her.

Uncle Mike came by this weekend, while I was there, with one of my cousins to do more clean up (I would have helped but I really wasn't dressed for it) and needed to dump the branches in the pasture (why, I don't know, that's just where they always dump the branches to dry them before burning them). Misty was RIGHT THERE. I had been making friends with her before the trailer was loaded, but only because she was RIGHT THERE waiting for that gate to open. Not a dumb horse, this. Mark and Uncle Mike managed to get the gate open (INTO the pasture instead of out, which was a tactical error) and the tractor and trailer through it before Misty really noticed (I was feeding her the grass she couldn't reach, of COURSE she was distracted). But she was RIGHT THERE when it came time to move the trailer out of the way and close the gate. I manned the gate while Mark was told 'keep the horse from getting out!'. "HOW?" was the inevitable reply. In the end my mother (who is afraid of horses, mind) and Aunt Gail helped Mark keep the horse in while I got the gate close. Somewhere in there Uncle Mike must have given her a smack to the hindquarters because she took off and started bucking and kicking and throughing a tantrum (She left Uncle Mike and Mark alone, but rushed the fence - I have never known a fence to lose a game of chicken.... and it didn't lose this time, either.)

We had a problem, though, since the trailer needed to go back OUT. Having had carrots and apples for lunch, I had an idea. It was my mother that went for the carrots and apples though. Not sure how that happened. But, since my mother is afraid of horses it was up to me to tempt the horse away from the gate with them, then keep her busy while the gate openned. She looked up for a moment as the gate openned, but decided the apples were just TOO much to pass up, even for an open gate.

My mother commented that I was so brave around horses, but really, it was my mother who was brave. I wasn't afraid, but she was and she STILL got close enough to lay carrots on the fence posts for Misty and stood in her way a the gate. I simply reveled in having the horse's attention.


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