Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Did my taxes yesterday. They are so simple, I can use the EZ form for Federal. Unfortunately, I work in a different state from the one I live in, which is not so simple. So, I use tax software. At least I know the math comes out right.

Some thoughts:

Cripes, but the Fed has had a big interest free loan from me!

Misery - I mean Missouri is about where I expected.

This can't be right! Kansas owes ME money?! No way. That never happens. Some background: I take no exemptions on my W2 AND have them take an extra $5 out of each paycheck (that's $120 extra dollars, people) and have STILL had to pay them some each year for the past....4(?) years. This time, instead of me paying them MORE, I get $56 back. Notice, this is SMALLER than the overpayment I make. Less then half, in fact. I thought they had it about right, when I was thinking it was $5 per month, rather than $5 per paycheck.

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