Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

And Calendar Club saves me.

I am very glad I made a card and had Rachel (she-who-offers-Calendar-Club) send it off. There's a good chance my brother got the card, even though I completely spaced off that yesterday was his birthday. *bangs head* I can remember that Mom's is in April (the date is iffy), that Dad's and my ex-husband's is Aug. 11, my son's is Aug 7, my Grandpa O'Halloran's was Aug 6, my ex BiL is Aug. 9, Anthony and Daniel's is May 29, Geoffrey's is Feb, 4 and Patrick's is in Dec (date again iffy). But poor Kenneth... I can't remember most of the time that it's in March, much less when.

Edit: Mom tells me Kenn did get my card and liked it. That makes me feel better.

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