Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Tea's already gone. Must have been thirsty. Speaking of which:

The closest I come to an April's Fools joke is the question I sent out in an email this morning. "How many cubic yards of dirt are there in a hole three feet long, three feet wide and nine feet deep?" verminiusrex got the correct answer, but not until after digging said hole (oops, did I say nine feet DEEP? Could have sworn I said nine feet LONG.) This is rather unfortunate. Poor verminiusrex ended up at the bottom of the hole, but this is not the unfortunate part. No, you see, at my suggestion he started digging sideways and up and hit a water pipe. This caused the hole to fill with water and he got himself out. BUT, it was the water line to my apartment complex (WHAT he was doing digging near my apartment complex, I couldn't say. I understand not digging in his own backyard, but what was he doing near my apartment in the first place?) and now I will be without water this weekend. Darn. But wait, I don't plan to BE there most of the weekend. Maybe not as unfortunate as I thought....


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