Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

First off, I didn't have my sleep interupted at about 4 or 5 am for the first time is a LONG time. Not that I know what wakes me, but it's quite consistant. That's the good. That's about all the good. I set my alarm wrong last night so I got up about 20 minutes later than I intended (can't even blame it on Daylight Saving time). I thought I had forgotten my cell phone and went all the way home only to find that I DID have it. Wondered what the rest of the day had in store.


I am sure the client thinks it's a simple request. Perfectly simple. How hard is it to weigh out 28 bottles of 50 mg? yeah, but. It's supposed to be GLP, and it's considered manufacturing, so there's ALL SORTS of stuff that needs doing, and equipment needing release and ID numbers and and and! Oh, and they want it in hand by the end of this week.

Ants. We look like ants in a kicked over hill, I tell you.

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