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Amusing incident

Background: Cremophor RH40 needs to be heated to atleast 25-30 degrees C before sampling or use, as it's a semi-solid at room temperature (some lots less solid than others but it seems the number of heatings has an effect also) The first time we got in a barrel (60kg) we heated it over three days at 50 degrees C and it was completely melted. We didn't intend to leave it there three days, but such was life. Also, we learned that time that there is a timer on the oven that turns it off after 24 hours.

This time, at our boss's request we set the oven at 30 degrees C and left it overnight to be sampled today.

This morning the person doing the sampling (M.) said she wouldn't have time today, could we just leave it in the oven until tomorrow? That's fine, we said.

About 1:30 she calls again (she called P first, but he wasn't at his desk and it's my baby anyway) to say she has an opening, can we bring her the barrel? Sure.

I suit up and head to the oven only to find that there is a ~5 inch layer of melted Cremophor RH40 on top of the barrel and the rest is still opaque (meaning solid). I up the temp on the oven to 40 (easier to ask for forgiveness than permission), resolve to ask P how to reset the timer and tell M she's going to have to wait until tomorrow to do the sampling (the whole thing has to be melted to ensure homogeneity before sampling). I start looking for P. He's not in the filling room, he's not in the labs, he's not at his cube. I ask the boss, he doesn't know. Boss has a new task for me, so I set off to finish that and run into P and D saying something about '40'. I assume (correctly for once) that they are talking about the oven and announce that *I* changed it to 40.

Seems they had been accusing each other of upping the temperature and not admitting it. They had checked the barrel, found the stuff was not melted, stepped out of the oven room to call me (from another room) about upping the temperature, couldn't get me (wonder why....) called the boss, got permission and went back to the oven room only to find that the temp was mysteriously raised already. :O Somehow I slipped in WHILE THEY WERE TRYING TO CALL ME and back out before they finished the phone calls!!!!!! Talk about funny.

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