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I'm shocked

and a little depressed. Border's computer has no listing for David Drake's Master of the Cauldron. They didn't have any copies of Terry Goodkind's Chainfire either ( they do still have a hardback of Naked Empire). No wonder I didn't see them. I know they both are out because the library has them. And yet, I don't check them out. I am afraid. Afraid of being disappointed. The last Goodkind book almost didn't get finished. I am tired of them fighting Jagang - it's past time for him to lose, dammit. As for Drake, the magic of his original characters is disappearing, if not already lost. I don't want to find out it just gets worse.

Bujold has a new short story in a book I can't find (Irresistable Forces). I haven't internet searched much for it yet, though.

On top of all that, the David Weber/John Ringo book We Few that I have been waiting and waiting for (John Ringo told me the plot at Conquest, but I still want to read the book, darn it!) has been out for... (checks copywrite) oh, it just came out this month. Maybe not so bad, but JR said it was DONE almost a year ago.

This is not sitting well on top of my ruminations about Washington State and the likelyhood of me ever living there again.

Edit: Still can't find the book Irresistable Forces but the story I want is in eBook form!

Edit 2: and EVER SO WORTH THE TIME TO LOOK FOR IT! Lois McMaster Bujold Winterfair Gifts. I found it on

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